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Meb Keflezighi- Interview with Chris Heuisler

Check out this Exclusive Interview with the Greatest Runner of all time, MEB....


Running for Inclusivity and Charity

In a nod to that inclusion, the Vancouver America Marathon & Half has created beautiful, USATF certified (and in the case of the Marathon, Boston Marathon qualifier) race courses with generous cut-off times. The Marathon course takes runners near the banks of the Columbia River, through the streets of the Vancouver and historic Ft. Vancouver National Park, and on to nearly 4 miles along the stunning Columbia River waterfront paths. The Marathon course is open until 2pm, allowing runners 7 hours to complete the race with full medical, volunteer, flagger, and police support. After 7 hours, runners will be instructed to follow the normal rules of the road as the streets will be open to the public.


Staying Motivated by Giving

Motivation is a lot like money - it’s hard to find, it’s even harder to keep, and everyone seems to be in short supply at one point or another. But being the resourceful runners that we are, we’ve found a way to increase motivation AND money at the same time!


It’s Time to Fall in Love With Running

Starting a new habit is hard, especially when it’s one you kind of dread. But here’s the trick: Don’t go all in and swear you’ll run six days a week if you’ve barely run before. Create a schedule and stick to it by following these 5 steps.



Being active is an essential part of living a healthy life and being a member of The Get Lean Club. No matter how active you are recovery could be as important as the activities that you do! It is something I take pretty seriously with my body and I want to touch on some old and new ways that can help you become your best self.