Meb Keflezighi- Interview with Chris Heuisler

Check out this Exclusive Interview with the Greatest Runner of all time, MEB.

It’s Time to Fall in Love With Running

Starting a new habit is hard, especially when it’s one you kind of dread. But here’s the trick: Don’t go all in and swear you’ll run six days a week if you’ve barely run before. Create a schedule and stick to it by following these 5 steps.

How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers and Should You Rely on Them?

Fitness trackers are now part and parcel of working out for many people across the world. For example, runners can benefit from features showing them the distance they’ve ran, their heart rate, the number of calories burned and track how much sleep they’re getting, among other functions.


Being active is an essential part of living a healthy life and being a member of The Get Lean Club. No matter how active you are recovery could be as important as the activities that you do! It is something I take pretty seriously with my body and I want to touch on some old and new ways that can help you become your best self.

Are your Cravings Controlling you??

We have all felt food cravings throughout our lives. Chocolate/Peanut butter is mine :) So it is completely normal to have them. But do they control you on a daily basis?

Inflammation Is the Root of Most Diseases!!

Off-Season Workout Benefits

Most of us look forward to relaxing in the off season, adding a couple extra pounds and sleeping in past sunrise. However, if you have a goal for next year, this off season can be the most productive time to make progress toward that goal. Here’s some tips on how to master your off season to set you up for success next year with a little wiggle room for cupcakes.

Running Benefits Your Body 9 Ways

Running does more than build strength and endurance! Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about how running improves your body all around.

Nutrients to Recover Injury

When you’re sidelined with an injury, diet can play an important role in getting you back on your feet faster. For each common injury, there is a nutrient (or two) that can help you recover.

Running During Stressful Times

When life gets hectic, it's easy to put running on the back burner, but research shows that running during stressful times is one of the best ways to cope with stress!