Inflammation Is the Root of Most Diseases!!

Off-Season Workout Benefits | Training | Enmotive Hub Blog

Most of us look forward to relaxing in the off season, adding a couple extra pounds and sleeping in past sunrise. However, if you have a goal for next year, this off season can be the most productive time to make progress toward that goal. Here’s some tips on how to master your off season to set you up for success next year with a little wiggle room for cupcakes.

Running Benefits Your Body 9 Ways | Training | EnMotive Hub Blog

Running does more than build strength and endurance! Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about how running improves your body all around.

Nutrients to Recover Injury | Training | EnMotive Hub Blog

When you’re sidelined with an injury, diet can play an important role in getting you back on your feet faster. For each common injury, there is a nutrient (or two) that can help you recover.

Running During Stressful Times | Training | EnMotive Hub Blog

When life gets hectic, it's easy to put running on the back burner, but research shows that running during stressful times is one of the best ways to cope with stress!

TRX for Runners | Training | EnMotive Hub Blog

Being a strong runner requires more than having strong legs. Improving speed and endurance takes more than logging in miles, but also building overall body strength. One of the easiest and most efficient way to build strength is with TRX suspension training.

Race Day Rules | Training | EnMotive Hub Blog

It's racing season and many runners are excited to put their training into action! With the adrenaline pumping on race day, it's easy to follow your impulses and lose all logic. Here's the best advice to finish strong!

Tackle Future Goals Starting Early | EnMotive Hub Blog

Spring is the best time to stow away those winter layers and celebrate new beginnings and warmer weather. Kick off your training now so you'll be able to cross any Finish line and conquer the goals you have this year!

Fitness Tracker Downsides | Training, Gear | EnMotive Hub Blog

Runners are a competitive group, oftentimes competing against ourselves. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to focus on health and fitness in order to chase new PRs, don’t let your fitness tracker control your life. Use wearable technologies as a way to monitor your progress and not a way to define who you are!

Running for better health | Training | EnMotive Hub Blog

There’s more evidence that suggests that running is the closest thing to a miracle drug. More evidence shows that cardio exercise, specifically running, increases mood, strengthens the heart, and improves cognitive ability. Just by exercising 2-4 times per week with each session lasting 30-45 minutes, you’re able to reap the benefits!