Running When You Travel

I do this thing when I travel to new place; I call it my “orientation run”. The first thing I do in a new city is lace up my shoes and go for a run. Running when you travel is one of the best ways to see a new place.

Running immerses you in a new place like nothing else. You are so aware of everything going on around you that you connect with the place in a totally new way. You see places you will want to visit later, you feel more, you experience more and you let your feet take you on an adventure.

Travel can be exhausting and running helps to improve your mental state and your energy. A run might be all you need to shake the jet lag and wake up. Cities even offer running tours so check out whatever city you’re visiting to see if they offer this.

Running in new places may be a little uncomfortable for some people nervous about safety, getting lost or being unfamiliar with the running culture.

Check out these tips when planning a run while traveling:

Do Your Homework

Know what the common routes are in the city you are traveling in. Check out maps online and look up the running groups in the area. Don’t get overwhelmed when you get these have everything planned in advance.

Look up races to follow their routes

Following a race route will give you a course to follow and you’ll probably pass through some scenic areas.

Run an out-and-back

Sometimes running with a phone or trying to follow a map can get in the way of the joy of running in a new place. So that you are not constantly checking your route plan a run out a certain distance and retrace your steps back. Keep your turns minimal as not to confuse yourself.

Be Flexible

Trust yourself and stay in well-traveled areas. If something feels wrong about the area you are in it probably is. Be able to adjust your route.

Check out the Local Running Community

Stop in the local running store or reach out to groups before traveling.

Ask Your Hotel

Talk to the concierge at your hotel because likely someone else has asked about running routes in the area before.

See the Sights

Early in the morning popular sights are likely not crowded so check them out your run. Also, take note if there is somewhere you want to return to later.

Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Find new places to explore on your run. See what the sunrise looks like from different areas, run through a forest, and just explore.