Training For Your 15k

Are you a runner ready to take your 5k to the next level? The 15k is challenging and a perfect step up for the runner looking to improve their performance.

Training for a 15k will be about a 12 week plan. You will start at a base level and increase your distance each week leading up to race day.

Your training will include easy, long, tempo, and interval runs. The easy run should be run at a conversation pace. This means that you should be able to easily have a conversation while running and not gasping for breath. Easy runs are used in training as a recovery and a challenge for increasing distance. They are either run after a tougher workout to loosen up the muscles or are used to challenge endurance in the long run.

The long run will be run once a week at an easy pace. This run challenges your endurance and improves your performance. The distance slowly builds over the course of training to improve your performance in a healthy way. If you are a beginning runner than this run should work up to 8 or 9 miles. If you are a seasoned runner looking to finish faster than this run should work up to 13 or 14 miles.

The tempo run is a specific workout used to increase your performance. This run will be once a week every other week. You will start at a comfortable pace and slowly increase your pace each mile over the course of the workout. The run should finish at a faster pace than your race pace.

Interval workouts will be ran on the off week of the tempo workout. The interval workout will also challenge your performance. For an interval run you will run at a fast pace (faster than race pace) for a set amount of time or distance and will be done in sets. For example you will run a fast pace for 400 meters than jog 400 meters and repeat that process for 5 sets.

Now that you know what the workouts will look like each week let’s take a look at an example schedule.

  • Monday: Easy run
  • Tuesday: Recovery (cross training)
  • Wednesday: Tempo Run or Intervals
  • Thursday: Recovery
  • Friday: easy run
  • Saturday: long run
  • Sunday: rest day

Cross training can be any other form of physical activity that you do besides running. This can be going on a hike, lifting weights, taking a class, going on a bike ride or any other activity you would like to incorporate.

Training for a 15k will be different from a 5k because you will be challenging your current level of fitness. Be patient with your body and follow your training schedule. The most important run will be the long run. This run improves your endurance and creates the base for your performance on race day.

There are plenty of training plans available online for the 15k distance. Do note that they differ on training length and specific workouts so choose the one that will be best for you.

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