Tips For Staying Safe on Trails

Trail running can add some variety to your running and is invigorating after months of running indoors. It offers a changing landscapre and unique running experience. When trail running there are certain safety measures that need to be in check.

1. Watch Your Step

Trails are covered in rocks, tree roots, and hidden obstacles that can leave you in a lot of pain if you do not see them. Keep a slow pace and always be looking ahead of yourself. Adjust your stride to avoid any obstacles.

2. Live Tracking

Let your family know where you are when running on trails. If you get lost or injured people will know how to find you.

3. Run Smart

Wear the right clothes meaning bright colors and visible patterns. Bring a water bottle, know the route you are running and stay aware of how you feel.

4. Safeguard Against Animals

Know what animals big and small are common in your area. Be aware if snakes, ticks, bears, or other animals could be on your running route. Take the right steps to avoid any animal encourters.