Running Season In Chicago

Running Season in Chicago is here!

Shamrock Shuffle 8k kicked off the start of running season in Chicago. Runners came out to get back into the racing spirit and welcome the 2017 running season.

Runners are getting ready for a summer of running events, starting their Chicago Marathon training and just experiencing how beautiful Chicago is this time of year.

There are so many reasons to love running in Chicago:

1) You get to see the skyline from so many different angles


2) The lakefront path is full of runners who both motivate and support you


3) If you get too hot the lake is right there to cool you off

4) Chicago is full of parks to explore

Washington Park, Waterfall Glen, Garfield Conservatory, Lincoln Park


5) There is no better way to see the different neighborhoods

6) There are a ton of running clubs to keep you motivated

Check out your local running store and ask about their running clubs


7) You can’t run out of places to run

Lakefront Path, the 606, Des Plains River Trail, parks, neighborhoods, etc.


8) The Community

Chicago runners are a special breed they support and motivate one another. Whether you are training for the Chicago Marathon or your first 5k the running community supports you