Running Resources

These are the best training resources that I have found so far including books, apps, websites, etc.


  • Born to Run (Christopher McDougall)
    • This book is a beginning runner must! McDougall talks about running in a way that it had never been talked about before.
    • He addresses our primal instincts to run and follows the Tarahumara tribe dissecting what running means
  • Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide (Hal Higdon)
    • One stop shop
    • Higdon address all things marathon and provides plans for every level runner
  • 4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon (Dave Kuehls)
    • Small, compact, to the point training book
    • Kuehls provides plans for a variety of paces and it is simple
  • Build Your Running Body (Melissa Breyer, Pete Magill, and Thomas Schwartz)
    • All the information you need to perfect your running body
    • This book goes beyond just running to look at nutrition, strength training, and the other pieces that go into running
  • The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distance (The Oatmeal)
    • This book is hysterical!
    • You’ll finish it in one sitting and you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement and laughing through the whole thing
  • Run! (Dean Karnazes)
    • Want to feel incredible inspiration? Read this
    • Dean is an inspiration to me and this book highlights how incredible of a runner we all wish we could be
  • Life on the Run (Bart Yasso)
    • Yasso is a legend, an incredible runner and an inspiration
  • The Runners Guide To the Meaning of Life (Amby Burfoot)
    • This book is short and beautiful
  • Chi Running (Danny Dryer)
  • Any running journal
    • If you can track your miles, take notes about your run, etc it’s all you need
  • Once A Runner (John L. Parker)
  • Eat and Run (Scott Jurek)
    • This is another book that seriously impacted and influenced me
    • Jurek shines a new light on nutrition for runners and other running topics
  • Ultramarathon Man (Dean Karanzes)


  • Runners World
    • Running resources galore! *McMillan Running
  • Hal Higdon
    • Training Guides
  • Run My Route or Map My Run
    • Map out your route before you go


  • Strava
    • Social networking for runners
    • Upload training plans, see what your friends are doing, see what strangers are doing, track your runs
    • Compatible with many devices
  • Runners World Go
    • RW training plans
    • Run tracking and logging runs
    • Local weather
    • Gear and clothing advice
    • Only available for Apple
  • Map My Run
    • Map your route
    • Track activity
    • Log food
    • I use My Fitness Pal which is within the family of Map My Run
  • Garmin Connect
    • Compatible Garmin watch (which I love BTW)
    • Keeps track of records, maps your route and syncs with My Fitness Pal
  • Charity Miles
    • You already run a lot why not make your miles count?
  • Localeikki
    • I love traveling and doing “orientation runs”
    • Running, walking, hiking and biking in places you travel


  • Google “local running groups”, “Running events near me”, etc. and you are sure to find a welcoming running community near you

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There is a ton of information on running out there it is all about finding what is going to work for you.