Common Running Questions

Beginning runners have a lot of questions about getting started running. Here we address some of the most common questions that new runners ask.

1. What do I wear?

  • The most important is a good pair of running shoes. A pair of shoes that is specific to you and specific to running.
  • Women will need a supportive sports bra. The sports bra should give you the proper support without constricting you.
  • Warm weather will mean lighter, more breathable, and less
  • The colder the weather the more layers you will need
  • Clothes should always be moisture wicking

2. Can I walk?

  • Absolutely
  • That may be how you begin running, starting with a run/walk strategy
  • Taking walking breaks is a great tool to build up your endurance

3. How should I breathe?

  • Breathe from your diaphragm not your chest
  • This allows you to breathe deeper
  • You should be breathing through your nose as it allows more controlled breathing

4. What if I feel self-conscious?

  • Do not be concerned what other think because you are doing good for yourself
  • Runners SHOULD all be supportive and respectful. All runners were new at some point
  • The first couple times might be hard but you will get used to it

5. What do I do if I get a side stich?

  • Breathe deeply and slow down your pace

6. How fast should I be running?

  • Most of your runs should be at an easy comfortable pace
  • A comfortable pace is known as the “conversation pace” the pace you can run while having a conversation. This is different for everyone
  • To improve your endurance you should plan to do one fast run a week

7. Do I eat before I run?

  • Not right before you run
  • It will depend on how long you run and if you run in the morning or evening
  • If you are running a short distance eating is not necessary but if you are doing a longer distance it is best to eat an hour and a half before you run
  • Eat something easily digested

8. Should I add distance or speed?

  • Once you get comfortable running and your normal run is getting easy than yes
  • Start by adding distance
  • To begin adding speed increase your pace at the end of one of your normal runs

9. Does it get easier

  • Yes it does
  • Just keep putting in the work and miles and it will get easier

10. Should I run every day?

  • As a new runner you should plan to run 2-3 days a week
  • Give your body a chance to recover as it is getting used to the new activity

11. What are the right running shoes for me?

  • Visit your local running specialty store and the experts there will be able to talk to you about the right shoe for you

12. What if I have to go to the bathroom?

  • Avoid foods you know will make you go to the bathroom before a run
  • Be aware of how much water you are drinking before a run

13. Where do I run?

  • The great thing about running is how convenient it is
  • The roads are always open
  • Always run facing traffic and only run on the street if it is safe
  • Public parks, bike paths, trails, etc.

14. Can I run a 5k?

  • Follow a training plan and you absolutely can

15. Can I drink coffee before a run?

  • If you can tolerate it than go for it
  • Some people experience GI issues if they drink coffee before a run, know what works for you

16. Can I run with a cold?

  • If you have a mild head cold than it is fine to run
  • If you have a fever or more severe symptoms do not run
  • If you feel it is difficult to run once you start just walk and do not finish your run

17. How far am I running?

  • Use a website like MapMyRun or RunMyRoute to plan out your runs
  • If you run outside a lot investing in a GPS watch is probably a good idea