Things Runners Love

Runners are unique we all know this. We have our quirks and the little things that make us happy, like a perfectly placed rest stop. There are a few loves that all runners share.



All the foods - pizza, pasta, cookies...especically after a long run

Post Race Beer

One of the many things that helps you get across the finish line

Bonding During A Long Run

If you really want to get to know someone run next to them for a few hours

Stocked Aid Stations

Water, Gu, Band Aids, Body Glide...they've got it all

New Shoes!

What really is better?

Running in the Rain

It makes you feel like a warrior

Talking About Running

All day everyday

Unexpected PR's


Earned PR's

You worked for it, now you got it

A Great Playlist

There is nothing like the perfect song coming on just at the time you need it

A Great Podcast

When you need something to help get you through the long runs

New Running Gear

And wearing it on your next run to show it off

Free Race Entries


Be Able to Run Anywhere at Anytime

Isn't that why we run?

Runner's High

It's real and it's amazing

It Reduces Stress

Running is therapy

Early Morning Runs

You just ran 5 miles and everyone else is just getting up


How do you think those early mornings are possible?


Enough said