Prepare For Race Day

Article Written by RAMbassador Samantha Andrews

After many months of training, race day is quickly approaching. So how do you prep for the big day to make it as stress-free as possible? Below are a few tips to help.

The week before the race:

  • Read over the final race participant details for the expo, bib pick up, shuttles, and parking
  • Buy your nutrition and hydration products
  • Find and inspect all your gear (hydration belt/backpack, watch, clothes)
  • Decide what you will wear (if you are traveling bring multiple outfits to account for the weather)

The night before the race:

  • Lay out your clothes with your bib
  • Charge all your devices near your clothes so you don’t forget them.
  • Pack your gear check bag and attach the identification tag
  • Pack your belt/backpack with your nutrition, ID, and money
  • Prepare your hydration products and fill your bottles
  • Set a few alarms so you don’t oversleep

Race day

  • Rise, get dressed, grab your gear, and head out to run! Starting early will make race day less hectic so you can focus on doing your best at the race. Happy racing!