Running Through Cancer with Sarah Gugliocciello

Motivational Monday with Sarah Gugliocciello

Many runners will agree that running is a transformative sport that allows us to grow and evolve in many ways. Sarah Gugliocciello can attest to the power of running as she fulfills her goal of finishing the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k that she aspired to do two years ago.

In 2016, two weeks before the Hot Chocolate 15k in Philadelphia, Sarah was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer which prohibited her from making her way to the Start line. After beating cancer, the mother of two is excited to finally participate in the 15k distance after running the 5k last year with her husband.

“Cancer isn’t going to define me. I had a choice to be sad about it or use it as motivation,” explained Sarah. Her family and children are her inspiration and she considers herself lucky to have grown up in a family where health and fitness was always a priority.

Sarah was introduced to the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k race by a friend a few years ago when they were both training for a half marathon. Even though she resides in New Jersey, she enjoys traveling to Philadelphia to run the race because of the city’s history and culture. Sarah also enjoys the family-friendly setting on the course as most participants run with their family and children.

When asked how she’s preparing for the 15k distance, Sarah feels confident about her training leading up to the April 7th race date. She runs three to four times a week with a long run on Saturday, and she’s usually accompanied by her therapy dog for extra support. Her journey and progress has inspired other friends to run; they’re motivated to tackle on new challenges after witnessing Sarah’s unwavering strength and determination.

“Running is going to be the one thing that’s going to get you through those rough times. Just focus on the positive things during your runs and do your personal best.” Sarah’s resilient journey illustrates the power of staying positive with yourself and your goals despite life’s challenges.

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