Exercise Is Our Best Miracle Drug

Get Moving! Exercise is a natural way to lift you mood, improve your memory and protect your brain against cognitive decline.

Aerobic exercise has significant impacts on your brain. Get your heart rate going and get sweating and you'll see the benfits of getting yourself moving.

Exercise is just as good for your head as it is for your heart. You'll feel your mood start to lift just minutes into your workout. It may take several weeks for you to see imporovements in your memory but every minute you spend doign aerobic exercise is helping your mind get stronger.

In a study to see if exerice helped "cancer brain", a side effect of cancer treatment, researchers found that by exercising everyday cancer patients reported increased energy and performed better on quizzes than those who didn't exercsie. The bottom line, get active!

In another study researches also found that those with severe depression found improved moods with adding exercise to their daily routine.

Exercises that give you increased blood flow will help boost the brain. Types of exericises that can be done are running, walking, flow yoga, swimming, biking and other workouts that get your heart pumping.

Get out and get moving!