Marathon Training Myths

Leading up to a marathon runners are told many different myths for preparation. Training for a marathon takes months and hours of preparation so when spending that much time and dedication runners want to know what is and isn’t necessary. So what myths in training are not backed by science and which are?

Myth: Card Loading is necessary to running fast

  • Eating enough is more important than the what
  • What is important is your training
  • The choices you make the night before (ie eating pasta) are not going to affect the way you race but what will is your nutrition and training leading up to that point

Myth: A Long Stretch Will Keep You Injury-Free

  • Stretching before a run is not ideal. You are actually more likely to get injured stretching before a run.
  • Instead you should do an easy warmup
  • A warmup for a run can be a slow half mile or mile (for longer distances), hick kicks, walking lunges, or dynamic stretching
  • Myth: Eat a Bunch of Unfamiliar Sports Bars or Gels During the Race
  • You should never do something before a race that you didn’t do in training
  • Your longer runs during training should be where you dial in the nutrition that works for you

Myth: Drink at Every Water Station

  • It is a simple to know when to drink, drink when you are thirty.
  • Drinking too much can be more dangerous than drinking too little
  • Hyponatremia is what happens when you drink too much and is when the sodium levels in your body are too low

Myth: Compression Makes you Faster

  • Compression can help post-race with recovery but no will not make you faster
  • Again, race day is no time to try something new

Fact:Beer Can Help with Recovery

  • Beer can lessen the pain of a long run
  • The carb load in beer can help aid recovery

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