Training for the Capital City Marathon

Keep Your Running Fresh as you train for the Capital City Marathon

Keep Your Running Fresh!

Running is one of those funny things in life that can be terrible and wonderful at the same time. It’s something we love to do but that we also, confusingly, often have to FORCE ourselves to do (how many runs require an internal pep-talk before you get out the door?).

Like a healthy diet, running is something we heavily rely on for our well-being, but it’s something you need to work at to keep interesting. So, in the spirit of Springtime, here are a few tips and pointers on how to keep your running fresh!

First - the challenges. Leaving aside the injury component (another persistent hurdle in most people’s running lives), running challenges tend to fall into three large, unwieldy buckets - fatigue, boredom, and motivation. Of course there are many other variables that make running challenging, but most probably fall into one of those three areas.

Fatigue can and will be managed through disciplined training - each run gets easier, and as you approach race day, fatigue will become less of an impediment, less of a drag, and something you’re just more comfortable experiencing. So, rely on your training and hard work to diminish the effect of fatigue.

Boredom is perennial favorite excuse of people trying to get out of running (boredom, and “I don’t have a runner body…). Thankfully, advances in technology and media have made boredom a thing of the past. Bluetooth, bone-conduction headphones have come along during the Golden Age of podcasts, music streaming, and audio books, so there’s really no reason to be bored on your runs.

Motivation is probably the toughest nut to crack, but we have you covered! For us, motivation is all about why and where - Why are we doing this? Where are we going? Where will our running take us? The why and where are key, so race planning is at the center of our motivational approach.

Especially as spring is finally approaching, we look for races that offer a beautiful course with rolling hills, preferably with scenery that showcases lots of green spaces, blooms, and views (obviously we’re partial to the Capital City Marathon, taking place on Sunday, May 20, 2018). And if we can use the race to travel somewhere that really shines in the spring (come on, nothing says spring like a Pacific Northwest Marathon ????). Friendly volunteers with a charming, small-town feel, and cool post-race party certainly don’t hurt either.

When training gets tough, or motivation flags, we just picture enjoying that post-race beer, post-race festival, taking in some awesome music, surrounded by nature in all its springtime glory, and basking in our soon-to-be accomplishment. That’s the why and where that we picture when struggling to stay motivated.

Hopefully some of the tips and ideas above help you make a bit more sense of the many contradictions that running throws our way. In the end, a lot of our running reality is out of our hands, so it pays to control the things you can - how you train, how you stay entertained, and the where and why you race.

Hope to see you at one of the awesome spring marathons this year, and to find out more about the Capital City Marathon, you can head over to

Run well!