Staying Motivated by Giving

How to Stay Motivated - Dash for Detection 5K

How to Stay Motivated Motivation is a lot like money - it’s hard to find, it’s even harder to keep, and everyone seems to be in short supply at one point or another. But being the resourceful runners that we are, we’ve found a way to increase motivation AND money at the same time!

What’s the catch?

Well, you don’t get to keep the money.

I know.

But that’s actually where the motivation comes into play.

Races = Some Built-in Motivation Most runners, even the ones who run 10+ races per year, struggle to stay motivated some or all of the time. Even the fittest runnerds will still experience flagging excitement at the prospect of getting out the door and into the cold, rain, or any un-couch-like elements of the outdoors.

One common way to battle that dip in motivation is to simply sign up for races. That way you have something on the calendar, you’re accountable/answerable for a specific distance on a specific day, and you know that showing up unprepared is going to be way worse than doing your training runs. Fear is a powerful motivator, and we’re all afraid of showing up for raceday without having prepped. So just the act of signing up for races will be a motivating force.

Fundraising = REAL Motivation The fact that we can run at all is truly something to be grateful for, and we should remember that every day. There are a ton of people who are sick, injured, or just generally not healthy enough to run. Simply remembering that, and being grateful for the ability to run, should help keep you from whining or losing motivation.

But the real focus occurs when you are mission-driven. Raising money for a run-related charity or race helps you to truly learn more about that race’s cause and the people affected by it. That deeper understanding will be motivation in and of itself.

Take the Dash for Detection 5K for example, whose mission is to increase funding for early detection pancreatic cancer research, and to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. This disease affects millions of people every year, and the Dash for Detection 5K raises money for the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and the Lustgarten Foundation - two incredible charities that have raised or directed more than $100 million toward their missions. When you are supporting a race like that - either through registering, raising money, or supporting a participant, and you remember the difficulties of so many who are affected by pancreatic cancer, it really puts your struggle to do a 5-mile training run in perspective. You will absolutely feel more motivated and inspired by the wonderful work you are doing to help your outstanding charity partners and those they’re working to help.

So - signing up for races leads to motivation, and raising money for charities leads to motivation, so signing up for a race like the Dash for Detection 5K is basically a two-for one deal. You get double the motivational benefit while supporting an awesome, mission-driven event!

If you’re looking to kick your late spring training into gear and start the summer off right, bring the whole family to the Dash for Detection 5K in Chicago at Montrose Harbor on Saturday June 2, 2018.