Healthy Resolutions for 2018

The beginning of new year is the perfect opportunity to start a new habit. It gives us a chance to refresh and evaluate our goals. Make 2018 the year that you tackle your goals!

To acheive you must first have a plan. We've laid out the steps for these 12 resolutions to help you acheive your goals.

Resolution 1: Start Running Regularly

Plan out your week with 4-5 scheduled runs. If you are new to fitness plan on 20-30 minutes least. This begins to establish a routine that will carry out throughout the year. Plan out your week in advance so that your schedule is set.

Resolution 2: Adjust Your Diet

Explore new recipes and do research to find the healthiest diet for your health goals. Look for recipes you've always wanted to try and ingredients you are curious about to include in your diet.

Resolution 3: Set a PR

Find training programs online that will set up a plan for you to hit your PR. Include strength and endurance training into your program.

Resolution 4: Run Your First Half Marathon or Marathon

Sign up for a race months in advance so that you have adequate time for your training. Find a training plan online that fits your fitness levels and schedule.

Resolution 5: Lost Weight

First, make sure your goal is realistic and healthy. Losing weight can help you shave a few minutes off your last race and if you carry extra weight it will make you healthier in the long run. Find a plan that will work for your lifestyle. Adapt lifestyle changes not quick fixes.

Resolution 6: Complete Your First Triathlon

Create a plan months from race day and borrow gear for your first race. If you love it make the investment in your own gear.

Resolution 7: Stay Motivated

Figure out what gets you up and out the door and stick to that.

Resolution 8: Qualify for Boston

The holy grail of all running goals! Read up on the requirements for qualifying and plan for your BQ race.

Resolution 9: Get Into Yoga

Attend a yoga class for beginners to get familiar with the movements. Try out different studios and find the studio that you like best.

Resolution 10: Find Running Friends

Use running apps, find your local running groups and use social media to connect with new running buddies.

Resolution 11: Run a Trail Race

Trail races are a great opportunity to add some spice to your running. It adds variety to your regular running routine.

Resolution 12: Give Back

Research opportunities in areas that interest you and find out how you can volunteer your time or resources.