8 Reasons Why Fall Running is the Best

Gone are the mornings of early morning runs to beat the heat and here are the days of perfect temperatures, beautiful colors and crunching leaves.

1. So Many Races To Choose From

Whether you are running a 5k or a marathon there are many races to choose from in the fall.

2. Running Through the Leaves

Is there anything better than the crunch of newly fallen leaves?


3. Watching the Leaves Change

Fall is the perfect time to run longer, slow down and enjoy the beauty of the season. Better yet find some trails and really take it in

4. The Perfect Weather

Crisp mornings, cool afternoons and brisk evenings make any time of day the perfect time to run

5. Long Pants



6. The Holiday's

Running is another way to celebrate, be grateful and run off all the extra cookies

7. Sunrises and Sunsets

This season gives us some breathtaking views in the sky

8. More Room for Treats

Pumpkin Pie, Pumkpin Donuts, Pumpkin Beer, Apple Pie...