Exercise is Good for More Than Just Our Health

We know that exercise is good for our health and now research has found that exercise helps people to socialize and accomplish more. Exercise has many positive effects on our health, social activities and achievement-oriented activities.

Exercise protects against various diseases and improves our moods, but does it also lead us to have better social lives and achieve our goals? Research points to yes. A study that was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences found that exercise makes us feel more positive and increases our likelihood to do more positive things. Healthy people can improve their everyday lives with exercise.

In the study college students were asked if their exercise habits lead them to have positive social interactions throughout the day and if they achieved something that they wanted to get done. Students who exercised were more likely to participate in more social and goal oriented activities.

The results of this study help scientists when treating a depression called behavioral activation. Their findings help them talk about how movement and activity results in an improvement in mood and positive emotions.

What other findings will research discover on the positive impacts of exercise? Does exercise affect our relationships and work? Where else in our lives do we see exercise having a positive impact?

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