The 12 Reasons Every Runner Should Consider Racing

Bart Yasso is known as an expert and prominent figure in the running world. Yasso discusses in his latest book why we sign up to race. His book is titled Runner's World Race Everything: How to Conquer Any Race at Any Distance in Any Environment and Have Fun Doing It.

Racing leads us to work towards goals. Out goals may be measured in time but they can also be measured by our mentality. These are the reasons why runners should condsider signing up for a race.


Putting the money towards a race gives your running increased priority. Now you’re accountable because you have to be prepared to run to the best of your ability on a specified date. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to run your fastest, but it does mean you have committed to train as well as you can to cover the distance

Fitness Test

Races can be used to measure where your fitness is and where it needs to improve. It easy to be honest with yourself when you are being timed with other runners.

A Change of Scenery

Every runner gets stuck some point in their running career, when running feels difficult and forced. A race is a good way to change things up. You can find races in every corner of the world if you look hard enough. Finding one that stokes new inspiration or excitement can get you back on track.


You belong to a globa community of people who share the same values and drive as you. Everyone is in the race together.

Inspiration From the Top

Anyone can sign up for a race. No matter age, fitness level, or experience elites and amateurs get to run the same race.

Inspiration From Everywhere Else

One of my favorite running quotes is, “If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon," said by Kathrine Switzer. Runners span a range of physical ability, causes, and experience and they are all out there doing the same thing together.

Be Better Than Before

A race can be a huge turning point for any runner. It is a confidence booster and shows you that you can do more as a runner.

Lend Encouragment

Even on the days that don’t go our way, these events are also a setting where we can help others achieve their goals. Running is the best way to reset your mood and the encouragemnet you receive and the encouragment you give out can take any day to great.

Support a Good Cause

Running raises more money for charity than any other major sport. Run for a cause that is meaningful to you.

Long-Run Support

If you are having a hard time on your long runs sign up for a race and make that part of your long run.


Races are a celebration of running. The bands, food, post-race party, environment make running a special event.

Get Out of You Comfort Zone

Races are a way to challenge yourself and set goals that scare you. The butterflies and anxiety-ridden pre-race dreams confirm that. But there’s no better feeling than facing that kind of fear, staring it down, and learning you’re more capable than you realized.These kinds of racing moments transfer to every other aspect of our lives, somehow making us realize we can excel in our careers, relationships, and other areas we hope to improve. We open doors to all sorts of possibilities with each finish line we cross.