Race Day Rules

Don't Sabotage Your Race by Sticking to these Rules

It's racing season and many runners are excited to put their training into action! With the adrenaline pumping on race day, it's easy to follow your impulses and lose all logic. Here's the best advice to finish strong!

Don't Try New Foods

Checking out a new restaurant or trying a new recipe the night before race day may not be the ideal time to explore. A new meal might not sit well in your stomach, and an upset stomach along with race day nerves may force you to wait in line for the porta-potties. Follow a safe diet that you're familiar with a few days before the race and wait to try a new restaurant until after the race.

Don't Run in New Shoes

You might have scored a great deal on new running shoes at the expo, but breaking them in on race day may lead to blisters and discomfort that can sabotage your race day plan. When wearing new shoes, run in them for a least a week or two before the event so there are not unexpected surprises.

Don't Compare Yourself to Other Runners

Maybe you're curious what the winning time was from last year's race and how you stack up compared to other runners in your age group. Now is not the time to compare yourself to other runners. Focus on the hard work you've put into training and have confidence in your performance!

Don't Try New Stretches or Warm-Up Exercises

On race day, you'll see many runners do their pre-run exercises and stretches. You might think that trying a new stretch might help your performance, but if you're not accustomed to certain stretching exercises, you may pull a muscle or seriously injure yourself.

Do Run at your own Pace

With the adrenaline pumping on race day, it's easy to follow the pack only to find out that your seconds or even a minute ahead of your expected race pace. Going out too fast too soon may compromise your performance towards the middle or end. Follow your race day game plan and stick to your corral to help you pace yourself appropriately.

Do Have Fun

If you're trying to set a new PR, running with friends, or lining up for your first race, make sure you stay positive and have fun on race day! Be proud of what your body is capable of and the determination you have in yourself!

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