Guide to Running Shoes

If this is your first time buying running shoes know what to look for when looking for shoes.

You will need a running specific shoe
  • Running shoes are developed specifically for the movement of running
  • The shoes need to have the correct cushion and support level for your foot
Your shoes should be expensive
  • Quality material, cushioning that supports your running and stability all cost money
  • Try running in a cheap shoe and you will quickly realize the investment is worth it
  • The longer lasting the shoe is constructed the more expensive it will be
  • Want to save a little money? Look at the previous version of a new shoe
Fit is the most important thing
  • If you get a shoe that annoys you even slightly you will notice it immediately running
  • It is painful and dangerous to run in an ill-fitting shoe
  • You want about a thumbs length of room in the toe of the shoe, your feet should not slip in the shoe, your heel should be in place and the laces should be tight but comfortable
Minimal vs more supported
  • Minimal running has been a hot topic in running
  • Trust your local running store to advise you as to what is best for your foot shape

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