Best Running Apps

Runkeeper (Android, iOS, Free)

Uses your phone’s PS to track your running, cycling, hiking and other distance activities. It records pace, distance, exercise time; calories burned, and select other metrics. You can also take pictures during your activity. You can track your progress and workout history and sync with other apps.

Strava (Android, iOS, Free)

Tracks running and cycling The app adds a competitive and gamified feature to running. Records your pace, distance, time and course for metrics and tracking. Combines your information with a leaderboard and challenges so you can race against your friends. Many different running trackers can be synced with Strava.

Map My Run (Android, iOS, Free)

This app tracks your running via your phones GPS. It tracks your distance, time, course, and pace. Many extras, including heart rate trackers, can be added to this app. You can map out your course prior to your run as well.

Runtastic (Android, iOS, Free)

Using GPS Runtastic tracks your time, speed, distance and course in real-time. It keeps track of your running metrics and history. Also it can share your progress through social media.

RunGo (Android, iOS, Free, premium subscription)

Run tracker and navigation aid that will help runners to discover new routes or know where to run when in a new city. Routes can be downloaded for offline use as well.

Nike+ Run Club (Android, iOS, Free)

Completely encompassing run tracker. The app measures pace, distance, time and mile splits. It includes coaching plans based on your fitness goals and progress. You can share the details of your run with other runners.

Couch-to-5k (Android, iOS, $2.99)

This is an app from to help coach non-runners and casual runners into running a 5k. Users are given a coach and a training course with automatic logging to keep track of progress.

Spotify (Android, iOS, Free, premium subscription)

Spotify may not track your runs but it will keep you motivated the entire time. The app can pick up your running tempo and curate music to match your pace.

Charity Miles (Android, iOS, Free)

Use all of your miles to give back. This app tracks your runs and encourages you to run for a good cause. You choose from charitable organizations and then go run, walk or hike. Your total distance traveled is converted into a charitable donation.

Zombies, Run! (Android, iOS, Free, premium subscription)

Run like someone is chasing you! This app gamifies your running with missions and an unfolding storyline.

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