Beginners Guide to Running

First time runners have a lot of questions for how to get started running. Pace, nutrition, racing and how to dress are just a few areas beginners have questions about. Here we answer some of your most common questions.

How do I start a running plan?

Pick a plan that will fit into your schedule. Have a time set aside that is running time.

Do not do too much to start. Start with few miles a few times a week and grow your running practice from there. There are plenty of quality resources on-line that have beginner programs.

What do I need?

A quality pair of shoes is essential. Find your local running specialty store to get fitted.

For women a well-fitting sports bra is important.

Running specific clothes

Will I be sore?

When you start running you will be sore mostly in your legs. As you continue running and becoming more efficient the soreness will diminish.

If you feel pain in a specific area take a few days off from running to recover. Being tired and being injured are two different things.

How fast should I run?

To start, run at a comfortable pace, the “conversation pace”. You should be able to have a conversation with someone while running.

One faster run a week should be included in your training as well.

Treadmill vs Outside?

When possible run outside. Running outside is more enjoyable, allows you to explore, and is more realistic running.

Treadmills are appropriate for certain instances. If the weather does not make running outside safe than a treadmill is the better option.

What do I do about hills?

Hills are a great addition training. Running hills increases your endurance and adds variety to your running.

What about side stiches?

Side stiches feel like a cramp in your side. They are caused by lack of oxygen in GI muscles. To get rid of side stiches slow down your pace and breathe deeply.

What do I eat?

Whole and healthy foods.

Include carbs, fats, and protein in each meal. If your body can handle it, eat something small about an hour before going on a run. Many runners will eat whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a banana before a run.

Will I lose weight?

If you plan your training and nutrition appropriately, yes. Running does burn calories and like all other weight loss plans you must be burning more calories than you are eating.

Should I sign up for a race?

Signing up for a race is a great way to stay motivated and keep up your training. Races are a supportive and inspiring environment.

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