Are your Cravings Controlling you??

We have all felt food cravings throughout our lives. Chocolate/Peanut butter is mine :) So it is completely normal to have them. But do they control you on a daily basis?

What are your most common food cravings? Are you a carboholic?

Some people have intense food cravings for

  • sugar (probably the most common)
  • salty foods,
  • chocolate (count me in:)),
  • junk food
  • processed carbs (pizza) are also common food cravings.

Consider this: Eating just a little of a tasty dessert, pasta dish or piece of bread doesn't satisfy you it ignites a fierce craving for more, and then some!

So what can we do regarding these cravings?!?

  • Avoid them all together for at least a month. It is easier to avoid sugar, processed carbs and starches entirely, rather than to try to eat them in moderation. Even a bite or a taste of carbohydrate-rich foods can stimulate insulin and create a craving — for even more carbohydrates.
  • Add healthful fats to your meal - it’s the one macro-nutrient that doesn’t stimulate insulin secretion and will keep you full to avoid cravings. I.e. avocado, walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, fatty fish - tuna, salmon, trout, MCT oil, Ghee to name a few)
  • Don't buy it!! - Clean up your home environment which will help you avoid situations where sugar and your favorite treats are easily available.
  • Intermittent fasting - If you eat constantly, you are more likely to feed those cravings. If you fast during certain times, those cravings will fade away.
  • Avoid situations that weaken resolve or increase cravings. If you know that at 2 p.m. you always are tempted to go to the vending machine just make sure you have a healthy snack (perhaps healthy fats) on hand. Or if you have after-dinner sweet cravings try the beverages mentioned below minus the caffeine for night time.
  • Drink tea (green tea, peppermint), coffee (black) or carbonated drinks (i.e. Sparkling Ice, Simple Truth Organic...) when you start to have the craving.

I hope these tips help you get in control of cravings that can prevent you from achieving your health goals!

Make sure to pick one tip above and try it for a month and if for some reason it doesn't work for you - Try another one until you find one that works!

Have a great weekend!!


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