7 Marathons 7 Days 7 Continents

7 Marathons 7 Days 7 Continents

Sets a world record

Completes every marathon under 3 hours

Ryan Hall is the runner we all wish we could be. After retiring from his professional career in running Hall looked for a new challenge, completing 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. The World Marathon Challenge started on Antarctica with a temperature of -22 degrees Fahrenheit. He finished the first marathon in 2:54:54.

The race then went to Chile where he finished with a time of 2:45:42. These are the finishing times Hall had in each location:

  • Miami 3:37:56
  • Madrid 2:42:35
  • Morocco 2:45:33
  • Dubai 2:49:25
  • Sydney 2:45:31

His average marathon time was 2:45. The previous record was 3:32.

In an Instagram posted by Hall he shared this image of the journey


Also, on this journey was BethAnn Telford who is a survivor of brain cancer. BethAnn finished all 7 marathons with an average time of 4:55:38.

Runners like Hall and Telford inspire us all to give more than we think we can and push ourselves to be better. We are all capable of reaching for more we just need to believe it.