Algonac's Pickerel Run

4 Reasons to Run Algonac's Pickerel Run

We totally get it - having options is definitely a good thing. But with so many running events to choose from, deciding what race to put on your calendar can be tough. The perfect summer running event just has to check SO many boxes to be a true contender. So! We’ve gone ahead and assembled this handy list of why WE think Algonac's Pickerel Run, which takes place on June 30, 2018, deserves a place on your running calendar.

1) Early Summer = Ideal Temps

OK, we admit it - nothing is guaranteed when it comes to temps, especially in our great state of Michigan. However, early summer definitely has the best odds of a warm but not too hot race. That means easier, less-stressful, more-comfortable raceday prep and starting line, and if your family is coming out to watch (which they totally should - Algonac Fire Department will have the fire trucks on display for the kiddos!) they’ll enjoy comfortable spectating temps.

2) There. Will. Be. Food. (and we’re not talking bananas here, people)

Sure - any race can offer a free beer at the finish line. While we know that runners love to quaff them some quality brews, we also know that runners are uniquely motivated by food. Algonac's Pickerel Run takes the food game to a totally new level, offering a warm breakfast of pancakes, bacon, sausage and coffee (and leaving plain-Jane bagels and bananas in the dust). As any runner knows, a big part of why we run and race for PRs is for the food reward, and the Pickerel Run has definitely embraced that notion. And speaking of racing for PRs…

3) Flat and Fast

Algonac's Pickerel Run really is the ideal way to kick off the Fourth of July holiday. A strategically timed race that (should) provide ideal race temps means that, whether you’re running the 5K or the 10K distances, you can still give it your all and shoot for personal best without ruining the rest of you day (or jeopardizing your ability to enjoy that FREE BREAKFAST!) Seriously, does anything say “FREEDOM” like a shiny new 5K or 10K PR?

4) Gorgeous and Unique Boardwalk Finish

Not only does the Pickerel Run take participants through the charming neighborhoods of Algonac, not only does it feature a fast, PR-friendly course, and not only does it treat runners to an amazing post-race breakfast, but the course ties all that together by finishing right on the St. Clair River boardwalk. In fact, it’s the ONLY race to finish on the St. Clair River boardwalk, further distinguishing the Pickerel Run as a must-run summer event.

So there you have it - basically all of the boxes a race could check for what runners look for in a summer race, present and accounted for. We’d love to see you at Algonac's Pickerel Run on June 30, 2018, ideally after having just nailed your 5K PR or your 10K PR, and more ideally with a mouthful of pancakes. I mean, personally, that’s basically how we want to finish every race ????.

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