20 Minute Strength Training for Runners

It is easy as runners to get caught up in our training programs. We feel the need to run every day and get in as many miles as possible but what we are forgetting about are the other workouts that your body needs. Stretching and strength training are important parts of any runner’s routine. Fitting strength training into your schedule regularly will make it easier to keep up the routine. You will be surprised with how your running improves when you do other types of exercise.

Strength training reduces injury, adds balance and strength and gives you more power. Strengthening your different muscles helps prevent common running injuries as it improves your muscle performance.

The strength plan below only takes 20 minutes and should be done at least 2 times a week. It is easy enough to fit into your busy schedule and strengths important muscles used in running.

How To Do This Workout

This workout has 3 with 3 moves each. Each exercise do as many reps as you can for 40 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds before going into the next move. Go through each circuit twice and take one minute rest before starting the next circuit.

Circuit 1

Box Jumps 40 seconds

Plank Renegade Rows 40 seconds

Hip bridges with hamstring curls 40 seconds

Do the circuit twice before taking a one minute break

Circuit 2

Single-Leg Deadlifts 40 seconds

Hand Release Push-Ups 40 seconds

Back Extensions 40 seconds

Do the circuit twice before taking a one minute break

Circuit 3

Thrusters 40 seconds

Stability Ball Jackknives 40 seconds

Lower Body Russian Twists 40 seconds

Do the circuit twice and then you are finished

Visit our Exercise Glossary to find out how to perform these moves.