10 Way to Celebrate Global Running Day

1. Sign Up For A Race

Races are the best motivation for reaching a goal. Check out some of our favorite races here.

2. Find Your Training Plan

No matter what distance your going for find the training plan that fits your goals.

3. Protect Your Knees

Running is actually good for your knees! Running increases oxygen flow and removes toxins that results in healthier cartilage and stronger ligaments.

4. Get New Shoes

Check out your local running retail store to keep your shoes fresh. Remember to get new shoes every few months when they start to lose traction and cushioning.

5. Hit the Bars

Pre-Run Grab your favorite energy bar to fuel for your run

Post-Run Research has shown that a beer post-run helps to refuel the body.

6. Live Healthy and Live Long

Runnning helps you to manage your weight, it reduces blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health. Running provides many benefits to living healthier and longer.

7. Think About Form

Having a good running form makes you more efficient. Your body can go longer and you can run stronger when your form is perfected.

8. Run with your Dog

Get your best 4-legged friend out on the road with you.

9. Lose Track of Time

Leave your watch and home and enjoy the simplicity of running. Pay more attention to your body and what is going on around you.

10. Eat Dessert

Celebrate Global Run Day with a nice treat!