10 Tips for Running

Want to start running? Begin with these tips from experienced runners.

1. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself
  • Do not expect yourself to be as good as people that been running for years
  • Like all other things in life it takes time and practice to get better
2. Find ways to make running exciting
  • Pick an uplifting, energy pumping playlist
  • Play a game while you run
  • Run with people
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Pick a new route
3. Invest in good running shoes
  • This is the first and most important thing to do when you begin running
  • Find your local running store and get properly fit
4. Stay away from hard surfaces if you can
  • The harder the surface the more your body feels it
  • Roads and better than sidewalks as roads give a bit
  • Only run on roads if you live in an area where it is safe and always run against traffic
  • Trails and grass
5. Stick with it
  • Do not give up too early
  • Progress takes time
6. Focus on breathing
  • I know you won’t forget to breathe but focus on more intentional breathing when running
  • Try breathing in for 3 and out for 2, this is a breathing practice that many runners use
7. Walk intermittently
  • Walking is OK
8. Set a goal and plan for it
  • Running a 5k? A Marathon? Great!
  • First thing is to find a plan appropriate for you and to plan for it
9. Listen to a playlist
  • Keeps you motivated
  • Spotify has a ton of great running playlists
10. Embrace your pace
  • Slow runner or fast runner everyone is out running

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