Training for A 10 Mile Race

So you’ve run a 5k and maybe even a 5 miler and you are ready to up your training. A half marathon is still a little intimidating to you but the 10 mile distance is perfect. Training for a 10 mile race will challenge your fitness and improve your running.

Training to run a 10 mile race will take about 3 months if you are new to running or at the 5k stage.

It will challenge you

Running a 10 mile race with improve your health, challenge your fitness and make you a better runner

Set a Goal

Do you just want to finish? Do you want a specific time? Knowing your goals will be the first step to structuring your training

The Long Run

Once a week, typically Saturday or Sunday, you should plan to do a longer run. This run will improve your endurance and increase your distance

Tempo Runs

Tempo runs will increase your speed and efficiency. A tempo run will look like a 5 min warmup, a 10 min faster run, and a 5 min cool down. As you increase your training the 10 minutes of faster running will increase in duration


Every other week from your tempo run you will do intervals. An interval run will look like this: 5 min warm up, sprint for 1-4 min, cool down for 1-4 min and repeat

Easy runs

Your easy run should be ran at a comfortable pace and it's purpose is to recover after harder workouts and longer runs. You should do an easy run 2-3 days a week.


  • Sunday: Long run
  • Monday: Day off
  • Tuesday: Easy run
  • Wednesday: High-intensity run — tempo or interval.
  • Thursday: Day off.
  • Friday: Easy run.
  • Saturday: Day off.