Training for the Capital City Marathon

Running is one of those funny things in life that can be terrible and wonderful at the same time. It’s something we love to do but that we also, confusingly, often have to FORCE ourselves to do (how many runs require an internal pep-talk before you get out the door?).

Motivational Monday

We caught up with Tobias Barton who participated in last year’s Hot Chocolate 15k/5k in San Francisco and finished the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k on January 7th. Toby’s inspirational story describes the resilience of a true athlete, even at 13 years-old.

The Twisted World of Social Media Marathon Cheating

With the growth of social media and the accessibly it gives to those you know and don't know, in the race industry we have been seeing some crazy things in the world of cheating.

This article by Wired explores the crazy side of social media and marathon cheating.

Disneyland Half Marathon CANCELLED, along with other runDisney 2018 Races

RunDisney, the Walt Disney Co.’s race organization, announced Wednesday, Oct. 18, that it is canceling its half marathon and other races at Disneyland Resort beginning in 2018.

Hot Chocolate in Forbes Magazine

Steve Ginsburg, CEO of RAM Racing, which owns and produces endurance races including the popular international Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Race Series, never intended to start a race. He combined his love for business and health to open a specialty running store and quickly noted race packet pick-ups drew traffic to the store. So what did he do? He started producing races to generate traffic, too.

Running Season In Chicago

Runners in Chicago are gearing up for race season! There are so many reasons to love running in Chicago this time of year.

Conversation with Dave Zimmer

Fleet Feet has made its mark on Chicago running. In this interview CEO Dave Zimmer discusses his start with Fleet Feet, the running community, and what it means to him to run such an iconic running store.

Motivation Monday with Toby

Toby is a huge chocoholic. He’d do just about anything for chocolate, including train for eight weeks through the winter to run a 5k. According to Toby: “I heard about a race with hot chocolate, and chocolate fondue and stuff, and I thought: ‘Hmmmmmmm, sounds like the prize I want!’”

Motivation Monday with Gloria

Gloria Hoagland, 33, has been participating in races for years, but this year’s Hot Chocolate 15k/5k in Dallas was especially important. After suffering a grand mal seizure on October 2, 2016, Gloria was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. Hot Chocolate Dallas was her first race since her diagnosis; the race served as one of the components of her plan to live each day with joy and take nothing for granted.