39th Annual Race Judicata

Birmingham Covington School
  • Oakland County Bar Association
Starts on: 2018-10-14
Where: Birmingham Covington School
Categories: 5k Run 5k Walk
Description: Join the OCBA for their annual family-friendly run through the wonderful neighborhoods of Bloomfield Hills! The 5k run and walk starts at 9 a.m. and family/friends/leashed dogs and strollers are all welcome. All registrants will receive a customized medallion and winners will receive plaques. Don't miss your chance to participate in this fun race!
Overall 5k Run
Female 5k Run
f1-13 5k Run
f14-19 5k Run
f20-24 5k Run
f25-29 5k Run
f30-34 5k Run
f35-39 5k Run
f40-44 5k Run
f45-49 5k Run
f50-54 5k Run
f55-59 5k Run
f60-64 5k Run
f65-69 5k Run
f70-99 5k Run
Male 5k Run
m1-13 5k Run
m14-19 5k Run
m20-24 5k Run
m25-29 5k Run
m30-34 5k Run
m35-39 5k Run
m40-44 5k Run
m45-49 5k Run
m50-54 5k Run
m55-59 5k Run
m60-64 5k Run
m65-69 5k Run
m70-99 5k Run
Overall 5k Walk
Female 5k Walk
f1-13 5k Walk
f14-19 5k Walk
f20-24 5k Walk
f25-29 5k Walk
f30-34 5k Walk
f35-39 5k Walk
f40-44 5k Walk
f45-49 5k Walk
f50-54 5k Walk
f55-59 5k Walk
f60-64 5k Walk
f65-69 5k Walk
f70-99 5k Walk
Male 5k Walk
m1-13 5k Walk
m14-19 5k Walk
m20-24 5k Walk
m25-29 5k Walk
m30-34 5k Walk
m35-39 5k Walk
m40-44 5k Walk
m45-49 5k Walk
m50-54 5k Walk
m55-59 5k Walk
m60-64 5k Walk
m65-69 5k Walk
m70-99 5k Walk