2019 Rugged Maniac Austin Presented by Austin360

Austin, TX
Starts on: 2019-11-09
Where: Austin, TX
Event Website: https://ruggedmaniac.com/events/austin/
Categories: Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race
Description: <h3>HOW TO FIND YOUR PHOTOS:</h3> This is a three-step process! If you follow only the first step you may not find any photos at all... <p><h3>STEP 1: Enter Your Name or Bib Number</h3></p> <p>You got a bib number at Check-In that you were supposed to wear on your front (if you mistakenly wore it on your back, you’re unlikely to find any photos in this step). Plug that number (or your name) into the “Bib Number” search box at the top of the photos page to find pics in which your bib number is clearly visible. Click the down arrow icon beneath a photo to download it.</p> <p>IMPORTANT: This step alone won’t show you 100% of your photos! Remember: this is a mud run, so your bib is often hidden by mud or completely ripped off, so in order to find ALL of your photos you’ll have to follow ALL of these steps.</p> <p><h3>STEP 2: Use AI Facial Recognition</h3></p> <p>If you found photos of yourself in Step 1, our AI will analyze your face and automatically show you all the other photos in which it thinks your face appears! You’ll see a smiley face in the bottom right corner of each photo with a percentage indicating how certain the AI is that it’s you. If the system shows you a photo that isn’t you, you can click the 3 dots in the top left and select “Not Me.” This will help the AI better identify other photos of you.</p> <p>If you didn’t find any photos in Step 1, just upload a selfie for our AI to analyze by clicking the button to the right of the “Bib Number” search box!</p> <p>PRO TIP 1: The selfie system works best if you upload a photo that matches how you looked on race day. For example, if you wore a hat and sunglasses on the course, upload a pic of you wearing those same items. This is especially important if you wore a mask or other costume that obscured your face.</p> <p>PRO TIP 2: You can help your friends find all of their photos by tagging them in any photos you come across! Simply click the 3 dots in the top left corner and type in the name of whomever is in the pic. That photo will then pop up when they type their name in the “Bib Number” search box, even if their bib number isn’t visible!</p> <p><h3>STEP 3: Browse by Location and Time</h3></p> <p>The AI is great at finding your best pics, but there might be some photos that don’t show up in Step 2 because your face isn’t clearly visible. Of course, these probably won’t be the ones you want to download and keep, but if you want to find ALL of your remaining pics, browse through the photos by time and location by first selecting a location from the “All Locations” dropdown menu, and then selecting the time you were likely there from the “All Time” menu. Refer to the course map to see the obstacle order and check only those times when you would’ve actually been at a particular location.</p> <p>For example, if you entered the course at 11 a.m. and finished at 11:45 a.m., start with the obstacle that was closest to the finish line and work your way backwards in time from 11:45 a.m. until you find a photo of yourself. If you don’t find a photo after you’ve gone through all the time slots you could’ve possibly been there, move on to a different location.</p>