2017 Fantasy 5K
Where: Howell, MI
When: 2017-11-24
2017 Holiday Hustle 5k
Where: Maumee Indoor Theatre
When: 2017-11-25
2017 Gobbler Gallop
Where: Milford, MI
When: 2017-11-25
2017 Taylor Winterfest 5k
Where: Heritage Park - Taylor, MI
When: 2017-11-25
2017 Santa Hat Hustle
Where: Royal Oak, MI
When: 2017-12-02
2017 Hot Chocolate 15k/5k - Scottsdale
Where: Scottsdale, AZ
When: 2017-12-03
2017 Hot Chocolate 15k/5k - St. Louis
Where: St. Louis, MO
When: 2017-12-10
2017 Diva Half Marathon & 5K - Punta Gorda, FL
Where: Punta Gorda, FL
When: 2017-12-10
2017 Selfless Elf 5K
Where: Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank
When: 2017-12-16
2017 Hot Chocolate 15k/5k - Tampa
Where: Tampa, FL
When: 2017-12-17
2017 Midnight Special 5k
Where: Fallen Timbers Middle School - Whitehouse, OH
When: 2017-12-31
2017 48th Annual Belle Isle New Years Eve Family Fun Run/Walk
Where: Belle Isle Casino - Belle Isle State Park - Detroit, MI
When: 2017-12-31
Riverbend Strider Membership
Where: Flushing, MI
When: 2017-12-31
New Year's Eve 5K
Where: Chicago, IL
When: 2017-12-31
2017 Chicagoland Season Pass
Where: Chicagoland
When: 2017-12-31
Worst Day of the Year Run - Bothell, WA
Where: McMenamins Anderson School; Bothell, WA
When: 2018-01-06
2018 Hot Chocolate 15k/5k - San Francisco
Where: San Francisco, CA
When: 2018-01-07
2018 Auto Show 5k
Where: Detroit, MI
When: 2018-01-20
2018 Chill at the Mills 5K
Where: Rochester, MI
When: 2018-01-21
Bone Chiller 5K
Where: Hess Hathaway Park
When: 2018-01-27
2018 Hot Chocolate 15k/5k - Houston
Where: Houston, TX
When: 2018-01-28

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