2018 First Crush 5 Mile
Where: First Crush Breitenbach Winery
When: 2018-08-17
2018 Crim Kid's Invitational
Where: Flushing, MI
When: 2018-08-17
2018 Parkersburg News and Sentinel Half Marathon and Two Mile Race
Where: Parkersburg, WV
When: 2018-08-18
2018 14th Annual Churchill Classic Trail Run
Where: North Central State Trailhead - Cheboygan, MI
When: 2018-08-18
2018 Madison Mini-Marathon & 5K
Where: Madison, WI
When: 2018-08-18
Portland Century
Where: Mt. Hood Community College
When: 2018-08-19
2018 Crescent City Tri & Du
Where: Crescent City, CA
When: 2018-08-19
2018 Montrose Blueberry 5k & 8k Races
Where: Hill McCloy High School
When: 2018-08-19
2018 Steppin' Out for Alliance Hospice 5K
Where: Steppin' Out for Hospice Alliance Hospital
When: 2018-08-25
2018 Valley of the Trolls Half, 5k, 10k
Where: Troll Haven Bandy Farms
When: 2018-08-25
2018: 3rd Annual Roy Ride & Brew
Where: Banks, OR
When: 2018-08-25
2018 HAP Crim Festival of Races
Where: Flint, MI
When: 2018-08-25
2018 Fort2Base Race
Where: Great Lakes, IL
When: 2018-08-26
2018 Labor Day 30K
Where: Milford, MI
When: 2018-09-01
2018 Fall Trail Run
Where: Fall Trail Run Millersburg Trail Depot
When: 2018-09-01
2018 Jeep Davis Memorial 5K
Where: Jeep Davis Memorial Lake Anna
When: 2018-09-01
Tour de Lab
Where: The Lucky Lab Brew Pub - Portland, OR
When: 2018-09-02
2018 Alliance Rotary Castle Run 10K & 2 Mile
Where: Alliance Rotary Castle Run Glamorgan Castle
When: 2018-09-03
2018 Great American Labor Day 5k
Where: Fairfax, VA
When: 2018-09-03
2018 Gallup Gallop 5K & Relay
Where: Ann Arbor, MI
When: 2018-09-07
2018 Mackinac Island Eight Mile
Where: Mackinac Island, MI
When: 2018-09-08

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