The Best Running Memes

Everyone loves a good meme and these are some of our favorites in the running world

The History of Running as a Sport and as Recreation

This article from Johns Hopkins takes a brief look at the history of running and where in time it became a recreational sport.

The Twisted World of Social Media Marathon Cheating

With the growth of social media and the accessibly it gives to those you know and don't know, in the race industry we have been seeing some crazy things in the world of cheating.

This article by Wired explores the crazy side of social media and marathon cheating.

Hot Chocolate 2017/2018 Season Video

Disneyland Half Marathon CANCELLED, along with other runDisney 2018 Races

RunDisney, the Walt Disney Co.’s race organization, announced Wednesday, Oct. 18, that it is canceling its half marathon and other races at Disneyland Resort beginning in 2018.

Best Races For Foodies

Daily Burn ranked the top 10 races in the U.S. for foodies and the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k ranked number 2!

Women Who Are Making A Big Impact In Fitness

These 9 women are creating safe havens for women, spreading the word about new ways to exercise, and are making fitness a more positive experience for all.

8 Reasons Why Fall Running is the Best

Every runner knows their favorite time of year to run is the fall. The temperatures are perfect, the scenery is breath taking and there are a ton of races to choose from.

Things Runners Love

Runners are unique we all know this. We have our quirks and the little things that make us happy, like a perfectly placed rest stop. There are a few loves that all runners share.

Save Money, Save Time, Save the World by Run Commuting

When we were throwing out ideas for this article, we jokingly concluded that run commuters are basically superheroes of the modern world and to be honest, it’s not far off. Run commuting will help you save time and money.